Global encryption day 


The Learners Forum of Internet Society India Chennai Chapter is conducting a Pre-launch Poster Presentation contest for all the members and students in the age group of 10- 23 yrs towards commemorating THE GLOBAL ENCRYPTION DAY on Oct 21 2023.

Shortlisted posters have to be presented online on 28th Oct 2023.


1. Posters can be designed on a PC or can be pencil sketched.

2. It is a team work with 2 members in a team.

3. Along with your posters clearly specify your team name and contact details.

4.Last date for registration extended to 22.10.23

5.Last date for poster submission 24.10.23

Send your posters to

Global Encryption Day Short Listed Posters

Topic:Staying cyber safe

topic:stranger danger

topic:cyber security

topic:stranger danger

topic:cyber sMART