Cameras May Open Up the Board Rooms for evesdropping

This is a New York Times article published on January 23, 2011 with the title “Cameras May Open Up the Board Room to Hackers” by Nicole Perlroth: One afternoon this month in San Francisco, a hacker took a tour of a dozen conference rooms around the globe via equipment that most every company has in […]

India to block social networking sites “like China”?

The Delhi High Court on Thursday warned social networking site Facebook India and search engine Google India that websites can be “blocked” like in China if they fail to devise a mechanism to check and remove objectionable material from their web pages. “Like China, we will block all such websites,” Justice Suresh Kait said while […]

EFF Celeberates its 20th Anniversary

The Electronic Frontier Foundation celebrates its 20th Anniversay on July 10, 2010. To commemorate this event, it has released this animation: This animation depicts three key issues that bother the average Internet user: 3. Onerous user agreements. Users regularly click through monstrous blocks of legalese in order to use the most popular web sites and […]