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Internet Society celebrates its 20th Anniversary

The Internet Society engages in a wide spectrum of Internet issues, includingpolicygovernancetechnology, and development. We establish and promote principles that are intended to persuade governments to make decisions that are right for their citizens and each nation’s future. Everything we do is based on ensuring that a healthy, sustainable Internet is available to everyone – today and for the next billion users.

Our Work

  • Championing public policies that enable open access
  • Facilitating the open development of standards, protocols, administration, and the technical infrastructure of the Internet
  • Organizing events and opportunities that bring people together to share insights and opinions

Education & Leadership

  • Providing reliable information and educational opportunities that include training workshops in developing countries
  • Facilitating leadership programmes that include the cultivation of Next Generation Leaders and Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Ambassadors
  • Supporting local Chapters that serve the needs of the growing global Internet community

Grants & Awards

  • Encouraging innovation and fresh thinking by providing grants and rewards to relevant initiatives and outreach efforts that address the humanitarian, educational, and societal contexts of online connectivity
  • Acknowledging individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the data communications community via the Jonathan B. Postel and Itojun Service Awards

Through sponsored events, developing-country training workshops, public policy, and regional and local Chapters, we serve the needs of the growing global Internet community.

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The Internet Society Community

We have more than 100 organisational and more than 44,000 individual members in over 80 Chapters around the world. Our individual and organisation members are bound by a common stake in maintaining the viability and global scaling of the Internet. Our members are typically:

  • Individuals who want to influence the future of the Internet
  • Companies, government agencies, and foundations that have created the Internet and its technologies as well as innovative new entrepreneurial organisations contributing to maintain that dynamic.

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The Society is governed by its Board of Trustees, elected by its membership around the world


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