IGF Workshop 106 Children in the Age of Mobile Access: The promises of Internet co-examined with the increasing challenges to Child Safety

This is the audio recording of the workshop was jointly organized (1)the European Commission, Safer Internet programme, eNACSO, (2)ECPAT International and (3)ISOC India Chennai as a workshop that merged three workshops individually earlier proposed by the three organizers.

“Young people no longer talk to each other. They walk side by side instant messaging each other” – C K Prahalad, Author of The Bottom of the Pyramid at a TiE Annual Meeting in Delhi.

The full description of the workshop is at this Internet Governance Forum webpage

The workshop was chaired by Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond with Anjan Bose, Ms Gitte Staldt, Jon Soinnen, Ruben Rodriguez and Rudi Vansnick.


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