IGF Worskhop 323 Roundtable: Balancing the need for Security and the concerns for Civil Liberties

An audio recording of one of the Security Vs Civil Liberties roundtable organized by Isoc India Chennai at IGF 2009 Sharm el Sheikh

Security threats are real. Governments are concerned about Cyberwarfare and related threats, business entities suffer from cybercrime in various ways while the average user faces various forms of security threats online. These threats are real but the measures against these threats are considered disproportionate and happen to cause greater harm sometimes than the threats to be warded off.

( Detailed description is at the Internet Governance Forum website )

This panel was chaired by Alejandro Pisanty with Bruce Schneier  Zahid Jamil, Wolfgang Benedek,  Jean-Marc Dinant, Simon Davies as panelists present:


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