History of Internet Governance by Wolfgang Kleinwächter

Here is a video from the European Summer School of Internet Governance by Wolfgang Kleinwächter which presents the History of Internet Governance in perspective. The lecture is in public domain.

A conversation with Internet Inventors

Conversation with Steve Crocker and Vinton Cerf, two of the Internet’s founding fathers. Crocker established protocols necessary for the workings of the Internet, and Cerf, a computer scientist, was instrumental in the development of the first commercial email system. The recorded video is at page http://wwwhatsup.com/c+c/cerf+crocker_smithsonian_11-9-2011.flv A better video may be available after some time.

Thank You Afilias, NamesBeyond and NIXI for sponsoring our Events during June 2011

Afilias, NIXI, NamesBeyond sponsored our IPv6 Workshop, Seminar and a Discussion on Core Internet Values at Chennai during June 26-29. We thankfully acknowledge the support from our sponsors. Both the events on June 26 were webcast live to external audience with help from Joly MacFie of ISOC New York. The Webcasts are archived at http://www.livestream.com/internetsocietychapters/folder?dirId=66211246-2197-4f71-a994-adebb20b91cb […]

the next 5,000 days of the web

Kevin Kelly has been publisher of the Whole Earth Review, exec editor at WIRED, founder of visionary nonprofits, and writer on biology and business and “cool tools.” He’s admired for his new perspectives on technology and its relevance to history, biology and religion. At the 2007 Entertainment Gathering Conference Kevin Kelly shared a fun stat: […]