COVID-19 highlights how we need better internet access everywhere

According to Cerf, the pandemic has highlighted that we need better internet access everywhere. In some places around the world, school buses are being used to provide wireless internet access to student populations. Libraries are also providing hot spots for broadband access. The recognition that we need to provide remote internet access has been highlighted by the pandemic.  … Read more on ZDNet

Children @home and online during #COVID19

#Parents for #Children @home and online during #COVID19
With self-isolation measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, our children are spending more time than ever online.

But do we actually know what they are doing? And if not, how can we keep them safe from digital harm?

Knowledge is power: If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, you can learn everything you need to know to be your kids’ digital safety superhero.

Join The Internet Society short webinar on 9 April (Thursday) at 16:30 IST (India time) and you’ll learn:

This event will take place at these times in the Asia-Pacific region:

  • How kids are using the Internet during self-isolation
  • Risks and threats for children online
  • Easy ways and tools to help keep your kids safe online

16:30 India and Sri Lanka

You can watch the webinar live on or on Facebook

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Watch anytime: Livestream Archive: Internet DURING a shut-down

On the theme of the event:

Internet DURING Shut-Down : Do we need ‘more’ Internet?

With factories, offices, public places, shops, transportation and schools shut down for 3 weeks, and another week or so for normal life to resume, it is the Internet that could make life go on. While it is necessary to keep an eye on fake news and the dangers of fake news causing panic, it is equally important to keep the Internet open, with a heightened awareness that everyone needs the Internet, even to seek medical help, and more to preserve mass psychological well being. “More Internet”  here implies an approach that is on the other end of the tendency to lock down, it implies a greater willingness to keep more of the people of the world more connected, and to make news, educational, spiritual and entertainment content more available and also to think of more of curated streams  for e.g, YouTube curated streams, more of Internet Radio, a better Facebook experience etc… 

This is also a good time to collaborate online.  The Internet could bring together groups to collaborate on crisis management, economic reconstruction questions and could generate innovative ideas to solve problems.

  • What could the business community and civil Society do to help the Government manage the crisis of the time?  
  • What are the post crisis challenges? Not just restoration, but a renewal. In what ways could we make the economy work better than before? 

As part of this Conference, Jane Coffin, the Senior Vice President of Internet Growth, Internet Society would join us from Washington DC to talk about the emerging trend the world over in Internet connectivity technologies – COMMUNITY NETWORKS, which are city-wide Community operated Internet Networks, some including Community Radio, which might also have a social enterprise investment design.   Andrew Sullivan, President and CEO of the Internet Society has also consented to join us. Other invites include the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,  Internet Community leaders from the Internet Society, ICANN and IGF.

Event held  on March 26,  7 pm to 8.30 pm (13.30-15.00 UTC). Online, On Zoom.  The Livestream archive is viewable anytime.  Even now, please register for this event, (for information and invitations to future events from the Internet Society India Chennai Chapter  for constructive and purposeful discussions of value..  IN case of any difficulty, please contact by email to