Internet Policy Making by MIND: a Co:llaboratory Publication

Co:llaboratoryCo:llaboratory brings together stakeholders from civil society, academia and the private sector to debate internet policy issues in a multistakeholder environment.

Bertrand deLa Chapelle
Bertrand deLa Chapelle

Co:llaboratory is an open think tank, bringing together actors from associations, academia, data- and consumer protection, internet companies and policymakers to work jointly on solutions to societal questions around the internet. It was initiated by Google Germany and is based in Berlin, Germany.

The Second volume of its discussion papers in the Multistakeholder Internet Dialog (MIND) was released during the Internet Governance Forum, Nairobi, Kenya during 27-30 September, 2011.

The contributing Author for this volume on “Multistakeholder Governance”  is Bertrand deLa Chapelle, Program Director of the International Diplomatic Academy, Paris and Director of ICANN. Twelve others from the Stakeholder groups of Government&Parliament, Private Sector, Civil Society, Internet Technical Community&Academia contributed with commentary articles. My article appears with the title “Building Suitable Frameworks for Internet Governance” from page 80.  This is available online from Google Books and can also be downloaded as a PDF

[note_box] Reports of various Co:llaboratory initiatives can be downloaded from page [/note_box]

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